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There are no public workshops scheduled at this time. We are currently only accepting private bookings.

Tom Strohl is available is to speak to your club or group on how to make marriage work. Get 10 or more couples together and a tailored workshop will be provided for you. The workshop can range in length from 1 to 5 hours and provided on-site at your business, club, church or home location. Known for his easygoing presentation style, Tom consistently receives high marks from his audiences.


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About the Tom Strohl Marriage Workshop

Keys to a Happy Marriage: The PREP Approach...for all couples

Tom Strohl offers the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) workshop.  PREP is based on over 30 years of research and developed at the University of Denver.  Many marriage educators consider PREP to be the best marriage education program available.

While most people want a satisfying marriage that lasts a lifetime, couples today have a fifty percent chance of getting divorced.  Many other couples wind up staying together but end up unhappy for years. The PREP approach is for all couples, from the newly involved to the long time partners, who want to learn the specific skills essential to a lasting love. PREP has been shown to increase marital satisfaction and to be effective in helping to prevent divorce.  PREP research has successfully identified what couples need to do to keep their marriage happy. Unlike other programs, PREP is NOT therapy or an encounter group experience.  You will NOT be asked to share your personal concerns with the class. PREP is a straight forward educational approach that teaches couples the skills and attitudes associated with good relationships. The PREP class teaches couples how to communicate clearly and safely, what men and women want differently from marriage, the 4 biggest mistakes couples make, the importance of forgiveness and commitment, how to solve problems as a team, how to enhance fun, friendship and intimacy in your marriage and much more.

The PREP Workshop is a quick paced (and often humorous) class offering many practical strategies for making marriage great.  It teaches the core communication aspects of PREP with entertaining presentations including the use of video to demonstrate the concepts.  The topics covered are from the PREP Approach books titled Fighting for Your Marriage and 12 Hours To A Great Marriage by Dr’s. Markman and Stanley. 

Tom Strohl’s interest in understanding what happy and healthy couples do that works, and how to effectively teach that to others, led him to Denver where he was trained in the PREP Approach by it's founders, Dr's. Howard Markman and Scott Stanley.

Read the PREP Books the Workshop is based on:

One Day Marriage Workshop

(Sample Outline)


Keys to a Happy Marriage :

The PREP Approach 


Saturday 9:00 am :  Registration/Check-in.  Coffee and Doughnuts

9:30 am:  Welcome, Introduction & Program Overview


                    Key :  Handle Your Differences and Build Positives

                             - The Happy Marriage Combo for Success


9:45 am:   Morning Session:  How to Handle Your Differences


                     Key:  Understanding Gender Differences

                     Key:  Keeping the 4 Danger Signs at Bay

                     Key:  Communicating Clearly and Safely

                     Key:  Solve Your Problems as a Team

12:30 pm:  Lunch on Your Own 


1:30 pm:   Afternoon Session:  How to Build Positives in Your Marriage


                     Key:  Preserve and Protect Your Friendship

                     Key:  Increase Your Fun Together

                     Key:  Enhance Your Physical Intimacy

                     Key:  How to Devote 5 Hours a Week to Create a Great


3:20 pm:   Evaluate the Instructor and Concluding Remarks


3:30 pm:   Adjourn